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The District Committee

President : Mahroof wafi
Secratary : Avt:Hafiz Aboobacker Sidheeque (9142291442)
Treasurer : Ameen Koattikkara
W.Secratary : Sathar Darimi

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Know us

Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) is the student wing of Samastha Kerala Jam-eyyathul Ulama, the supreme athority of Muslims in Kerala which undertakes more than 9000 madrasas and other institutions having presence in more than 5000 mahallu jama-ath across the country.

Our mission

Promoting a unique motto "Knowledge, Discipline and Service" SKSSF has grown as a versatile organisation and is vigilant to fulfill it's clearly-defined objectives to mould a generation of youth with most desirable character and caliber to be utilised for the welfare of the community and the nation at large.

The message

SKSSF (Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation) is the largest students' organisation in Kerala. SKSSF was formed in 19 February, 1989 in the aegis of the great leaders to organize muslim students under Samastha Kerala Jam-eyyathul Ulama, the supreme authority of muslims in Kerala, and to lead them to a life with high values and strict adherence of morality and virtues.

SKSSF has completed 25 years of incessant action and moral revolution with a unique motto "knowledge, discipline and service". The 10th anniversary in Vadeenoor at Kuttippuram and 20th anniversary (Majlis Inthisab) at Kozhkkode is history now. SKSSF undertakes to parden education and build a generation of youth with disipline and sense of humanity for the betterment of the community and the nation at large. Outside Kerala it has well-established organisational set-up in Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and all island regions and gulf countries. It acts in the name of Islamic Centre in abroad. It has 18lakh supporters spreading in almost 5000 units. The activities are being executed through it's 18 active sub-wings.

Onampilly Muhammad Faisy (Vice president,SKSSF State Committee)